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Helen Fernety

Innovative design professional with diverse experience in retail, healthcare, elearning, government, and commercial real estate with a proven track record of delivering engaging user-centric solutions.

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UX/UI Design Lead - Dillard’s Inc. Little Rock, AR - 2012 – present Agile UX Practice Lead managing a team with an UX Engineer, User Researchers, Usability Analyst and 3 UX Front-end Developers supporting eCommerce and internal application projects. Launched and developed UI design framework to improve front code standards and standardize UI presentation layer for Enterprise user. Additional skills include user testing, brainstorm facilitation, wire framing, prototyping (static and click-through), UI quality control and senior leadership & client presentations. Applications/Skills: InVision, Monetate, Opinion Lab, WCAG2.0 Compliance, Lean UX Training, Corporate Storyteller, Infographic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, CSS. Web Graphic Designer - Miami Children's HospitalMiami FL - 2011 – 2012 Designer for web applications team of developers, focused on designing UI's and UI/UX strategies for iPad/iPhone apps, and Sharepoint intranet. Curriculum development & co-teaching for monthly SharePoint 2007/2010 ILT course. Client services for long-range projects and daily helpdesk MOSS troubleshooting. Miscellaneous projects: organizational desktop themes, program logos, iPad/iPhone icon set, training support user guides (design/copywriting) and promotional site banner (design/copywriting). Creative Communications Designer/ Manager – Operations, Kaplan University Ft. Lauderdale FL - 2008 to 2011 One of two communications managers who supported Student Operations department for Kaplan University's seven Operations Centers throughout North America. Team's mission was to “take communications to the next level.”
  • SharePoint 2007 sub site UI Development, programming and management content planning for SharePoint 2007 sub site (multimedia, content and web development)
  • Video concept, sound recording and video editing
  • Campaign concept co-development plus design/develop tasks for print, Flash, web and video.
  • SharePoint 2007 custom workflow program used as back-end for employee image supported Kudos e-mail program. (Web Creative Suite CS4)
  • Creation of project and implementation plan for central SharePoint 2007 document library.
  • Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and Fireworks (Web Creative Suite CS4)
Web Developer – IT Department, Miami-Dade State Attorney’s OfficeMiami, FL - 2007 to 2008 Content/navigation planning, content development, graphic development/production, HTML & CSS markup, banner ads, logo & icon design, cross-browser testing, script writing, Flash, video planning & editing, software application interface design, form design and management, and site maintenance.
  • Reduced web development budget by 75% by installing a streamlined file maintenance program
  • Analyzed and managed redevelopment of a bilingual extranet an intranet site
  • Lobbied for and attained approval/funding to publish external website in Spanish and English
  • Directed production/editing of bilingual video (Premiere & Flash Video Encoder)
  • Installed SharePoint Media Server - cutting costs & adding availability to attorney’s training videos
  • UI designer and developer both an Intranet and Internet sites (Dreamweaver8, Flash8 & PhotoShop)
Design / Marketing Assistant – Regional Marketing Team, Cushman & WakefieldMiami, FL 2005 - 2007 Print Designer: Offering Memorandum Brochures, Property Flyers, Maps, Stacking Plans, Charts/Graphs, E-mail Blasts, Signage, Templates, Photo Retouching, InDesign
  • Designed promotional materials for the highest selling commercial building in Miami Beach up to that point. The Lincoln - $74,000,000 (InDesign, Illustrator, and PhotoShop)
  • Implemented a monthly support staffer marketing training program to help address marketing resources shortage issues
Graphic Designer – Niles Audio Corporation Miami, FL - 1999 - 2001 Design and print production for product brochures, trade show graphics, Macromedia FLASH presentations, company website updates, print bids, and project management. Editorial Designer and Web Content Manager - Non-Dairy: Something to Moo About Miami, FL - 1996 - 2001 Editor of monthly web/print newsletter. Content research & annual issues planning. Established and managed editorial and parent volunteer board’s contribution. Press & advertising contact. HTML updates.

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  • B.A. - Graphic Design
    University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL
  • UX Intensive Conference – Atlanta, GA
  • User Interface 19(Oct) Conference – Boston, MA
  • Agile Alliance 2014 Conference – Orlando, FL
  • MX(Managing UX) Conference – San Francisco, CA
  • Bar Camps – Jonesboro, AR 2012, Conway, AR
  • Dale Carnegie Immersion Course – Little Rock, AR

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  • CS Illustrator CS6 - 10 yrs.
  • CS Flash CS5 - 5 yrs.
  • CS Illustrator CS6 - 10 yrs.
  • CS InDesign CS4 - 7 yrs.
  • CS PhotoShop CS6 - 9 yrs.
  • Infographic Design – 1 yr.
  • Invision – 1 year
  • CSS - 6 yrs.
  • HTML - 9 yrs.
  • Morae - 8 months
  • PowerPoint 2007 - 4 yrs.
  • SharePoint 2010 - 4 yrs.
  • SharePoint Designer - 2 yrs.
  • Word 2010 - 8 yrs.
  • MAC OS - 24 yrs.
  • Web Accessiblity (WCAG2.0) for eCommerce - 1 yr
  • Windows OS - 13 yrs.

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UX Journal

Making the Complex Easy for Users makes Cha-ching... It's Just that Easy

Now that technology is an established norm UX is the nature next step for successfully engaging customers, patients, members, students, etc? Standing up a new app or site can be done successfully in a faction of the time it used to take. And new tech innovations are always on the horizon. But grabbing market share for technology based products and services is still a crap shoot. Market share drives revenue.
Targeted Users have more tech options than they can shake a stick at now. Guess which apps, ecom sites and MOOC's they are choosing more and more? Not the cheap ones as often as you think. Not the ones blasting ads. But the products or services that seems right for them. Users can afford to be prickly now. It's not technology they want. Yes they need the tech, but it is content and services they connect with that bonds them. Users no longer need to put up with a product that is hard to learn and have feature sets they don't need or want. Their network of friends are helping them find products and services that "just feel right".
The world is becoming more human again. Businesses need to adapt to human's in this time in history to differentiate themselves in this changing expanding marketplace. We have entered, what Forrester calls, the "Age of the Customer". Customers' needs took a backseat while technology matured. Now it's time for technology to serve humans. It's time for businesses to adapt to human nature? If not extinction, not growing revenues, should be their short term projection. - Helen Fernety


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Helen Fernety

Framework Logo

Branding for bootstarp themed framework.

Security Logo

Branding with a red version to communication alert status.

Icon Sets

Various vector icon designs for both mobile and web apps.

Mobile Website

- Specs Doc

UI designs created to handoff to external development vendor.

iPad App

- Specs Doc

iPad UI used for first tablet version of Miami Children's Hospital's Fit4Kids Care iphone app.

Reading Program Logo

Branding for Boys & Girls reading program to support fundraising.

UX Team Logo

Internal branding to increase awareness of UX practice.

Fundraising Infographic

- Full Illustration

Illustration of relation between reading scores & incarceration.

eMail Blast

Internal client relations email for Sharepoint department contacts.


Screensaver and logo design as part of EMR campaign.

Sharepoint UI

- UI Proposal

Master page framework design for departments and intranet index.

Logo Design

Customized typography and illustration.


Custom illustration and layout.


Event logo and layout.